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Beezix Inc. Geetesh Bajaj. Excel for Mac Pivot Tables Tech Tim Hill. Word for Mac: Read more. Product details Series: Learn Paperback: Apress; 1st ed. English ISBN Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 23 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

As an example. Paperback Verified Purchase. I have used spreadsheets since they first existed. I'm dealing with Excel for the MAC, but some omissions are just terrible. As an example, try to find the explanation for the Fill function under the Edit pull down doesn't exist. You won't find it in the index. I found numerous other examples when the text did not match the release and the Index failed. Copying cells with other cell references, do not adjust properly. I attribute this to poor programming. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

Transition was easy but there are variables and added complexity which in my view are unnecessary. There of course is no manual and the online help is too sketchy especially for graphing. The Missing Manual by Pogue is helpful but it too is short on tech help. So in sum, it's good and a must have if you are switching to Mac. On the other hand, it embellishes too much on the more straight forward V As with the majority of Excel programmers, I began using spreadsheets on the PC.

When I much later switched to using Mac platforms, I could only describe the differences between the two Excel implementations as quirky, especially when it comes to dates. This book is the only one I have found that clearly explains all of the Mac nuances. There is a lot of information here and pretty accessible. Being a geezer, I respond faster to books than googling something, but I am slowly dirfting that way. As usual, MS moved the same old functions to new places.

Most are more intuitive, but I need help finding them. The book does that most of the time. One person found this helpful. Its a good book and the best one I have bought and I have bought several. Excel is very challenging and the book starts with the very basics although I think there could have been a few more basic definitions.

Not the informative and useful that I expected. I recommend to my grand children in high school also that seem to be having problems with learning excel with their mac. See all 23 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: Learn Excel for Mac. I direct you to the Excel Help on these subjects, by selecting the Help button. The main status bar in Excel will flash up a number of statistics about the internal workings of the Solver add-in. Generally these flash by and are too fast to read. Solver generally recovers from these problems itself. Once the Solver model finishes it will display a dialog of the results and allow you to do several things.

Note, that not all reports are relevant at all times, depending on the Constraints you have applied.

As such any results it puts out must be manually checked for suitableness before further use. These checks for realness, should as a start confirm that the results meet all the criteria supplied. If your model returns these, feel free to go through the model and change them to 0, in our model we should also check as the corresponding 1, may in fact be 0.

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It should be noted that this problem in Solver in Excel does not occur as often but will still occur. My name is Chandoo. Thanks for dropping by. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. When I am not F9ing my formulas, I cycle, cook or play lego with my kids. Know more about me. I hope you enjoyed this article. Visit Excel for Beginner or Advanced Excel pages to learn more or join my online video class to master Excel. Written by Hui Ask an Excel Question. There is one more setting users should check if they're getting non-integer answers. In Excel , click the Options button in the Solver window and then, on the All Methods tab, ensure that the Ignore Integer Constraints check box is cleared.

If that box is checked, as I think it is by default in Excel and , you might not get the answer you expect. Very interesting post!! I used solver earlier for calculating rate of interest for a required EMI amount for a given loan amount etc.. In your example , is it possible to get "0" difference with 9 count of data sets from 1 to 9? Perhaps not Another good use for Solver is doing nonlinear curve fitting.

The simpler varieties of nonlinear curve fitting can be done as linear regression on transformed variables logs, square roots, etc. I am working in a construction company. I am trying fit Cum. Actual cost of the project Vs Time this with S Curve. My doubt is 1 How minimize the error using solver? Have you tried plotting the data and using a trendline line? The trendline algorithms use least squares approximations and should give you a good chance of finding a simple solution Refer: I used to remember doing this to split mp3s so that there would be roughly equal total song times over 2 CDs, almost like A and B side of an LP.

Beginner's Guide to Excel for Mac - 2018 Tutorial

I think I did it by sorting and finding the median point and swap the items around. Another way, instead of trying finding the smallest difference, you would in the same way, try to find a combination which sum has the smallest difference from half the value of the list total. I don't understand the need for constraint 3 in the example above Total items [cell E10] must equal 8. Doesn't this constraint come 'for free' from constraint 1, which states that each cell in the range E2: E9 must equal one?

If the 8 cells in the range E2: E9 all have value one, than E10 must have a value of 8? It's obviously still OK to include constraint 3 - I only query it in the vain of "better to under constrain then to over constrain", or in case I've missed something in the example. Jon I guess you are right too. Another thing I have used solver for is calculating the IRR internal rate of return for a capital expenditure application.

For an operating asset this is incorrect as the asset would normally be making money all year, so the correct approach is to do your NPV and IRR based on mid point cashflows. This information will enable the retailer to understand the buyer's needs and rewrite the store's layout accordingly, develop cross-promotional programs, or even capture new buyers much like the cross-selling concept. An apocryphal early illustrative example for this was when one super market chain discovered in its analysis that customers that bought Chips often bought beer as well, have put the Chips close to beer coolers, and their sales increased dramatically.

Assume you sell 5 products to hundreds of clients. You want to know which two products are there in everyones shopping basket. All There are a number of solutions to this problem which all satisfy the various criteria This problem is not uncommon using solver, but rarely seen in complex problems, in this case it is easily demonstrated. Normally you would add more criteria to try and constrain the options solver has.

I think Solver uses the current cells values as starting points for its internal workings and so if you put different values in different cells you will often get a correct but differing solution. There also appears to be small differences between different versions of Excel Solver, they must have made some tweaks interavlly along the way. Gary This problem and a solution is discussed at: Hi Hui Sorry to bother you. I dont understand and can you pls send me a download linkage of Solver. Do you have the Tools Menu displayed?

It looks like it has to be displayed before Solver will be loaded. Hui, Cant be done with a Pivot, This is a very calculation intensive task. If you can share your e-mail, I can send you a sample problem to help you understand the problem. Excellent posting!! During my career I never had a problem so complex that I needed to use Solver. I have used Solver's little brother, Goal Seek, a few times. This is great when you need to determine one value to achieve a certain result for a calculation.

I liken using Goal Seek to the process of completing an income tax return. You start by entering known values you can not alter such as how much you were paid and how much tax was withheld. Go to the end of the return and fill in the amount of tax you want to owe or receive as a refund.

Using Solver to Assign Items to Buckets

Then use solver to work through the calculation of deductions, credits and tax tables to determine how much you would have to adjust a value to achieve the desired tax result. For a guide to using solver, go to http: Chadoo is a great source for all things [ Nice article but I do not know if you are aware that Microsoft products have built-in spelling checkers. You may want to familiarize yourself with its operation. A35 is equal to date. It should be: I can't seem to find a formula for the "target cell" that will still be linear for the simplex to work.

Xlsx file used in this quiz can be [ Thanks for the various articles of various ages. I am pretty good at excel but have until recently not used solver. I have the following use which works well for me. I work at a mine, we have a target end of year production with constraints We do not want to go slower than X or faster than Y X and Y are usually fixed, but some months we accept lower throughput due to wet season causing transport issues etc. As a result I have a set of constraints that vary each month. Usually we just eyeball the spreadsheet, make up numbers, readjust then publish, THEN realise we made an error because something is a bit odd yes we should put in conditional formatting.

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We have a stockpile of feed material, we do not want it to go below a certain value, again there is an ideal but sometimes we have to accept a lower stockpile. This reduces our buffer and blending so not ideal. Each month we have previous stockpile, incoming ore or variable quality which is never the same two months in a row as mining is dynamic , processed material and output concentrate.

So I use solver as follows more or less. Each value ie throughput, deliveries or constraint max tonnes per hour, minimum stockpile has its own data row, each month has it's own column its a data table duh! Monthly output is rolled up to an end of year figure. Solver is set to maximise output or resolve to the budget value for that figure.

So this takes about 0. Please how do I solve this?

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Your objective would be to set B4 to the known value for your result, by changing cells B1: If you Google the topic, there are lots of examples on how to use it, here's one to get you started: Using Excel and Solver for problem solving, a practical tutorial. I have a problem I project management and I have excel OM o my computer. I need to know how to enter an AON problem into the computer to get it into the excel program can someone help me?

I am using Excel Solver in Excel It is working fine. But the problem I am facing is whenever I am changing the values of the constraints, Excel Solver isn't automatically updating the solution. Because of this every time I have to click the 'Solve' button in Excel Solver. Please Help me on how to get the solution automated with changed values of constraints. Cosmic Record a macro to run Solver Add a Button to your worksheet and assign the macro to it.

I will be training others on Excel Advanced concepts. I'm looking for a simple layman's explanation of the three choices in the Excel version of Solver: Can anyone help me with this? When I go to Excel help I am redirected to http: There I find very long winded, technical explanations. I contacted them also and still could not come up with an explanation.

Dear Friends, i am working with excel but i am new for excel.

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Hello sir i want irr exel sheet down loding so plz hlp me i have good irr exel sheet but not option advance emi ontions so i want a advance emi option irr exel sheet so plz help me and plz send my mail me. Sir i have a problem X is kept constant. Only i can change y and and the answer is also kept constant that is Z. Adnan You can use a couple of techniques 1.

Use Algebra ie: Use Goal Seek. Can someone please assist me in telling me how I can extend this example to data points as opposed to the 8 in the example and 7 buckets as oppose to 2. Please assist me if you can. Thanks in advance. Shri Can you post question in the Chandoo. I am using Solver for investment portfolio optimisation. Does anyone know how to do this?

Mike Can you post the question to the Chandoo. Name required. Mail will not be published required.