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It would sure help someone us get all the steps in the right order and be educational.

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Ronald E. Website "What is popular is not always right; what is right is not always popular. Great idea Ron. I would love to participate as well. Almost like our very own 'mail in forging' exercise You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Dan, why dont you make a shoe a month that will help lads starting out. Smitty88 John Mc Loughlin. Kramedjian wrote: Joey Aczon Over-specialize and breed in weakness It's slow death. Good idea Smitty. Do you have any suggestions for the December shoe?: Jack, two things: It's about fabricating them.

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Please stay focused on the topic. Baron Tayler. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself. Joey Aczon wrote: Do you know what a "park horse" is, or how one is fit? Back onto the original subject, people Sorry Baron. Although, maybe this would merit a bit of a discussion on what a park horse is, as there are probably quite a few on here that have no clue what a park horse is or how one is shod. It makes a big difference in how the shoe is built. Dan, about what size did this thing finish off too? About That's a lot of friggin hammering Shoe of the Week 16 Nov Cyber Farrier wrote: Justin Decker "As I see it, good enough is never good enough, it's just an excuse for mediocrity.

If every shoeing ain't worth your best shot, you're just going through the motions. Powered by Kunena Forum. Home Forum My Horseshoes. S5 Box Login. Verify E-mail: Some hours after the float,the hoof is coming down and it touchs the plastic pad,but it do not push the pad.

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There are anothers ways for treat the cracks. For me,this is easy and effective. More cracks today 22 Dec Gabino, great work as usual!! Thank you!! Client called with a new calf horse needing to be shod. Sold as sound with no issues. As soon as I saw the Rail shoe I started looking real close. Oh the miracles of Equilox. The seller took him back when presented with these photos.

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Nice work Gabino as usual. Yours post are always great.

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Donnie do you think that shoe made the problem worse? Michael Allen http: Donnie Walker wrote: There appears to be fusion at the hairline, but without knowing the history it would be hard to say if the shoe, applied at it was, made it worse. I successfully use the same shoe for quarter cracks but I forge it into a "rocker" or "banana shape". The rails, being located inside the wall are supposed to move the GRF's to that point, thus relieving wall stress, and the wedged heels, in conjunstion with the "rocker", aids in relieving the DDF and whatever stresses it might be applying on internal structures.

I also weld in a frog plate and use some form of pour-in material.

Sorry but I have a problem understanding why rails are so effective when it seems one would get better results from a wedged shoe? Reason, the rails would sink into the ground more, wouldnt a wide wedge provide more floatation?? Just wondering, Thoughts??: More cracks today 23 Dec With the trim the horse had it appears that is a misapplication of that shoe. I don't know if you need to rocker the toe. I might go with a slight banana of the heel.

If you have to use a wedge shoe Im not sure if rails move GRF,s. Gary Hill wrote: I can agree with that thought, but in my cases there is always a frog plate welded ground surface and a pour in pad to ground surface, plus, my environment is hard surface, so sinking is usually not an issue under those circumstances. Zach Shoop.

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  7. I see that pick but I don't understand the concept of it???? I am probably not the best to comment. I think most the shoes coming from that company are a gimmick that will yeald short term results in the hands of most.

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    But it looks like a cool shoe to try and make. As Gary pointed out it won't do much in an arena to transfer ground force. Might give added traction in a tight turn!


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