Download mavericks on unsupported mac

This is not totally true, because there exists a good workaround, which patches the boot.

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But I encountered some problems which are not described in the tutorials i used. So i will publish here an accomplished tutorial for this task. As you may noticed, the apple app store denies the installation of the OS X upgrade caused by the lack of hardware compatibility. But we want to download the installer anyways.

Got an Older Mac? MLPostFactor Installs OS X 10.8.3 on Old Unsupported Macs

A possible solution is to run the download enabler tool. Extracting this zip file and running the executable with admin privileges disables the hardware check for the mavericks download in the app store. After reboot you should be able to click install.

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  • 4.1. Copy the OSInstall.mpkg.

After giving an Apple-ID which do not requires a credit card id you should start the installation. At this point you can cancel the installation. The install package resides in the application folder.

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I used the tutorial bootable installation usb drive. The mentioned way using the command line tool, does not work for me. But the long way does. As mentioned by tiamo in this forum there exists an EFI 64bit to 32bit wrapper. You have to download the "boot. When you try to boot at this point the installer from the usb drive, it should be able to boot up. But you will notice the installers message that the current hardware is not supported. Therefore we have to got rid of the installers hardware dependency check.

The problem of often presented ways are, that you need a software called "flat package editor" which is available as a part of "X-Code". So i found a workaround to extract the mpkg package with the pkgutil command line tool. The first lines above let you go to your personal desktop folder. The second line extracts the install package to the folder "OSInstall". Modify the file inside the OSInstall folder on your desktop as shown in this youtube video. First you should remove the existing unmodified OSInstall.

After that you can create the new package by running the following commands:. Replace the your modified OSInstall. This way of installation is not officially supported. So please backup your data in front of upgrading!

4.2. Extract the mpkg file by using the command line pkgutil

Reboot your system with your connected bootable usb drive, which contains the modified installation system. While booting your Mac hit and keep pressing the alt key until you see a boot selection screen.

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At this point you can choose you usb device to boot the OS X installer. Which do you have? Likely the App Store program looks at a particular string somewhere on your system to judge whether it can run or not. However, this isn't necessarily even how it does. One way might be install fseventer and look at which file is 'touched' by the App Store or someother process. Maybe even a log file readable with the built-in Console app can tell us?

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